A day in the clinic

I am coming to the end of a 12 hour day in the clinic for the EPI-743 trial. They drew blood 6 times today at different intervals to test how long the drug lasts in the system. I have been sitting here on my computer researching the TV air times for Le Tour de France, sending emails, napping, hitting up the cafeteria for a snack, and chatting with the awesome staff here at the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) here at CHOP. I am 3 months in to a 1 year trial after which the data will tell us if we’ve got something.


About KyleABryant

I was diagnosed with a debilitating, life-shortening disease called Friedreich's ataxia at the age of 17 and now I have dedicated my life to helping find a cure. Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/KyleABryant
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7 Responses to A day in the clinic

  1. Heidi Behr says:

    Awesome Kyle- go go go!

  2. Errilyn O'Shea says:

    Hope it goes well Kyle xx

  3. Lake Denk says:

    Yay!! Everyday is a step closer.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Good positive thoughts coming your way, love you Kyle

  5. Sam says:

    Thanks for all you do, Kyle! Every blood draw is a toast to hope!!!

  6. Therese says:

    Thank you for the job you are doing rasing awarenes, and for bringing us closer to a treatment!
    Hugs & lots of love!

  7. Moya Stevenson says:

    Praying for you Kyle that all will go well in the trials.
    Thank you for all your efforts towards finding a cure.

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